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Besieged by protesters. Lebanon assembly postpones session - GulfToday

Lebanon protests: Hundreds take to the streets amid …

Lebanon protests: Hundreds take to the streets amid economic crisis Protesters say they are now more fearful of a pandemic of hunger and poverty sweeping the nation than of COVID-19. On Thursday
Anti-government protest resurface in Lebanon | Foreign Brief

Lebanon protests: Demonstrators and security forces …

Lebanon protests: Demonstrators and security forces clash in Beirut Close Protesters have clashed with security forces in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, amid growing anger over the collapsing currency.
Photos: Anti-Government Protests in Lebanon - The Atlantic
Government building torched in Lebanon protests
Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister on Friday condemned the overnight violence in the city of Tripoli. Lebanon has been in the throes of its worst financial crisis since 2019 and anger has erupted into protests over the economy, state corruption and political mismanagement.
Party Quits Lebanon Govt After Third Day Of Protests

Lebanon protests one year on: Outlooks for recovery …

One year after the October 2019 protests, Lebanon stands at a critical juncture now and the focus should be on rebuilding citizen–state trust, resolving intra- and inter-community tensions, and supporting local networks and authorities to rebuild that trust.
First death reported in nationwide protests wracking Lebanon
Protests in Lebanon: All you need to know
 · Protests in Lebanon: All you need to know Follow Followed Unfollow URL Copied Tommy Hilton and Jacob Boswall, Al Arabiya English Published: …
Lebanon Is Broken. So Are Its Protests.

Lebanon protests: Anti-government protesters clash with …

Lebanon protests: Anti-government protesters clash with police Close Anti-government protesters and the security forces have clashed in central Beirut. Nearly 400 people were injured in the worst
Tens of thousands gather across Lebanon for third day of protests | Arab News PK

Tripoli, Lebanon’s poorest city, on edge after curfew, …

Lebanon’s poorest city, Tripoli, was again racked by violent protests last week, and some politicians and experts warn that unrest could spread if more is not done to support
Lebanon’s protesters further imperil economy - GulfToday
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Lebanon’s outgoing PM backs businessman to replace him | WTOP

Why Protesters in Lebanon Are Taking to the Streets

 · Lebanon’s Protests Are Leaderless. That May Be Their Strength. Fed up with decades of economic mismanagement and corruption, most demonstrators just want the government gone.
Lebanon’s Anti-Government Protests Spiral Into Violence

Lebanon protests: Authorities prey on digital spaces to …

As new protests erupt in Lebanon, online repression is set to continue. In recent weeks, protests escalated as the country is crippled by the dire spill-overs of the 4 August Beirut port blast which damaged the city and left tens of thousands of people homeless in the Lebanese capital.
Demonstrators Fill Lebanon's Streets in Third Day of Fiery Protests | Voice of America - English
Lebanon Protests
 · Lebanon Protests Hassan Ammar – staff, AP Mar 12, 2021 Mar 12, 2021 Updated 16 hrs ago 0 Facebook Twitter WhatsApp SMS Email Print Save Anti-government protesters shout slogans during a protest
Lebanon agrees reforms after days of protests | Financial Times
Lebanon Protests
Lebanon: Week of protests and unrest as currency falls to record low Authorities have cracked down on protesters taking to the streets, as the Lebanese lira now worth 85 percent less than in late 2019 Lebanon Protests Funeral held for protester killed in
Protests break out in Lebanon. army is deployed | News-photos – Gulf News

The Lebanon Protests: Views from Beirut and Policy …

Despite the similarities between ongoing protests in Shia-majority areas of Lebanon and Iraq, patience is needed in determining whether they are part of a larger regional uprising against Shia political leaders and Iranian interference. For now, one thing is clear
In Lebanon. can young protesters sway entrenched political elite? - CSMonitor.com

Lebanon protests resume amid strict lockdown and …

As Lebanon continues to sink into economic crisis, activists and protesters say the government’s aid plan is not enough to sustain the country’s poor. Mr Malas, a nurse, considers himself “lucky” to be able to work during the lockdown. But he says he is facing
Lebanese prime minister quits amid anti-government protests | WTOP

Riot police fire tear gas at protesters as Lebanon’s …

 · Violent protests erupted across Lebanon on Saturday after the country’s currency plummeted to a new record low, amid an economic crisis that poses the biggest threat to its stability since the 1975-1990 civil war.“We are hungry. It is that simple. That is why we
Lebanon's banks reopen after 2-week closure due to protests

Lebanon faces third day of protests after pound …

Hundreds of people marched and blocked roads in a third consecutive day of nationwide protests after the Lebanese pound plummeted to a record 10,000 to the US dollar. Officially pegged at 1,500 to the dollar, the pound has steadily devalued since an economic crisis hit Lebanon in 2019.
Anti-government protests gain momentum in Lebanon. enter 4th day - GulfToday

Lebanon’s Anti-Government Protests Spiral Into Violence

 · Lebanon’s Protests Spiral Amid political and economic crisis, anti-government protesters and riot police clashed in Beirut over the weekend. By Audrey Wilson | …
Lebanon PM Seeks Foreign Support for Reforms Amid Protests | Voice of America - English
 · And Lebanon’s top 1 percent earn about 25 percent of the gross domestic product, making it one of the most unequal economies in the world. I say protests, but on the ground, we are calling it