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《暗黑/ 闇》(DARK),《破案神探》(Mindhunter),《馬男波傑克》(BoJack Horseman),評分 8.6。並列第 9 名,評分 8.6。並列第 9 名
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Netflix: Dark ist die beliebteste Serie auf IMDb
Wenn man aktuell die IMDb-User-Charts in der Kategorie “Serien” nach Beliebtheit ordnet, landet die deutsche Netflix-Serie “Dark” auf Platz eins. Und das noch vor “Chernobyl” (Platz zwei), “Black Mirror” (drei), “Stranger Things” (vier) und “Euphoria” (fünf) – sogar “Game of Thrones” hat das Nachsehen, landet bei den beliebtesten Serien nur auf Platz sechs.
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Dark on Netflix: This isn’t a show you watch. It’s a show …

 · Netflix’s Dark isn’t a show you watch. It’s a show you solve. The sci-fi series is the closest thing you’ll get to a TV show that’s a conspiracy wall. By Emily VanDerWerff @emilyvdw Sep
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Dark Wiki
We are currently editing 264 articles, and you can help! This wiki contains spoilers for the series in general. Read at your own risk! Dark is a German science fiction thriller co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, produced by Netflix. The connections
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Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Creators Preview Final Season, Unveil …

Dark premiered on Netflix on Dec. 1, 2017 as the streamer’s first German-language original series. Set in the fictional German town of Winden, the series begins in 2019 and follows four estranged
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DARK Season 1 Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Netflix Mystery …

按一下以在 Bing 上檢視2:26 · DARK Season 1 Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Netflix Mystery TV Series HD© 2017 – NetflixComedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Cinema, Bl
作者: ONE Media
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5 Dark Foreign Shows On Netflix That Are Worth The …

 · Netflix has had huge success with its foreign slate of shows with mega-hits such as the German series Dark, which revolves around the mystery of a missing child that sets four families on a
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Dark Season 2 Insane Ending & Season 3 Burning …

 · Netflix Jonas Is His Own Worst Enemy: This season introduces the main antagonist, and it’s not the scary priest Noah (Mark Waschke), but his boss, Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbaumer).Adam is a
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The 10 Best Anime On Netflix (According To IMDb)
 · These are ten of the best anime on Netflix, as rated by IMDB. 10 Violet Evergarden (8.4) Violet Evergarden was a popular anime series that aired in the Winter of 2018 before coming onto Netflix after it finished airing in Japan.
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The 10 Worst Anime On Netflix (According To IMDb)
 · The 10 Worst Anime On Netflix (According To IMDb) Netflix provides tons of awesome original content, but, when it comes to anime, these 10 series really failed to impress fans. By Sage Ashford Published Sep 29, 2019
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Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Season 3 and ‘Babylon Berlin’ aren’t …

Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Season 3 and ‘Babylon Berlin’ aren’t American — but they sure get America Since “Dark” is a show that demands careful viewing, jumping in at the top of the third season is
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‘Equinox’ Review: ‘Dark’ Meets ‘Stranger Things’ In This …

IMDb See, when Dark uses a church and a nuclear plant as two of its central locations, it’s commenting on religion and privatisation. When Stranger Things is using a laboratory and a mall as its central locations, it’s commenting on shady government practices and capitalism.
Ranking: Las 70 mejores series que puedes ver en Netflix (parte 2)

TV Recap: Netflix’s DARK S1&2 – How Time Travel …

 · From Dark S2E8, “Endings and Beginnings”; Photo: IMDb The first two seasons of Dark heavily dealt with the concept of time, and the ‘cause and effect’ of minor events. But the ending reveals it is bigger than what a young Mikkel in 2019 told his father Ulrich about magic tricks: “The question is not how, the question is when.”
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5 IMDb Highest Rated Korean Horror Movies & Series on …

5 psychologically twisted Korean horror movies & shows on Netflix with the highest IMDb rating These spooky, mysterious, blood-curdling movies and series will make sure you sleep with some lights
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RT Users Crown Dark the Greatest Netflix Original Series …

(Click to enlarge.) Well, it’s all over, and thanks to the efforts of a dedicated fanbase, an unlikely challenger has taken the title as the Greatest Netflix Original Series. The odds were stacked against German sci-fi mystery series Dark, even though it boasts both a 94% average Tomatometer score and a 94% Audience Score.
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Best Horror Movies on Netflix According to IMDb & …

Finding a good horror movie on Netflix is often a tiresome affair. There’s so many B-rated horror movies available that it’s often hard finding the best horror on Netflix. So we’ve sifted through the library and compared against IMDb and RottenTomato scores to find the
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When will Season 3 of ‘In the Dark’ be on Netflix?
When will In the Dark season three be on Netflix US? Before the United States gets season three of In The Dark, it will need to air on The CW.At the very earliest it could air (assuming filming can get underway) in early 2021. However, it’s likely we could even see In the Dark …
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15 Best Sci-Fi Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

Dark 3 seasons, 26 episodes | IMDb: 8.6/10 If you’re trying to pin down Netflix’s mystery crime thriller, the best way to describe it is to call it a German version of Stranger Things minus
,《獵魔士》空 …

source,評分 8.6。並列第 9 名,IMDb 公布 Netflix 最高分影集 Top 10, 並列第 9 名,

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